♥ The name is Jessica.
    ♥ I'm 22. May 14th. 92 line.
    ♥ I used PS CS4&CS6.
    ♥ I make all my themes.
    ♥ OTP : Onkey/Jinkibum.
    ♥ Super busy with school.


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Link - 10-16-2014 - 5 days ago
shinee key shinee key

Link - 10-16-2014 - 5 days ago
shinee key shinee key

Link - 10-16-2014 - 5 days ago
shinee key shinee key

    RIP Key’s Grandmother

    My condolences and prayers go out to him and his family. He must be feeling horribly sad. Not only did she raise him from birth, but to pass away on his birthday is unimaginable. I hope he’s doing alright.

    Let’s all have a moment of silence and send our love and support to Key and his family.

Link - 10-5-2014 - 2 weeks ago
shinee key shinee key poor baby

    ilikeandheartsyou presents ~ Key’s Calendar ~ October 2014
    Sizes are in the captions.
    Link for 1600x900: http://i57.tinypic.com/j9u70x.jpg

    If you want/need other sizes, feel free to ask!

Link - 10-1-2014 - 2 weeks ago
shine key shinee key october 2014 calendar wallpaper

    Saving/Using Wallpapers

    A quick list of tips on using the wallpapers/calendars I post.

    1. Since they are in png form, they will look lower quality on some desktops. I recommend saving them and then resaving them as jpg to keep their higher quality. Then setting that jpg as your desktop.

    2. If the sizes provided do not correspond to what you are using, feel free to ask me for a different size (specify it in pixels, px) or resize it yourself. But please do not upload a resized version.

    3. The dates are written/placed in the western English Gregorian calendar. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. It’s abbreviated to S M T W T F S. 

    4. I do not include holidays however, I do include dates relevant to Key. Eg. his birthday and SHINee’s anniversary. So look out for little hearts or colors behind a date.

Link - 10-1-2014 - 2 weeks ago

Link - 10-1-2014 - 2 weeks ago
shinee key shinee key video omg seriously just stop with this adorableness watching yunhanam


    for those of you who use my calendars, i have already made a halloween themed calendar for october…BUT! i know not everyone celebrates halloween,

    so would you like a non-halloween themed calender?
    yes or no would be appreciated.
    just comment/answer please! 
    (if you’d like a non-halloween themed calendar, what colors would you like?)

Link - 9-28-2014 - 3 weeks ago
shinee key shinee key

Link - High Res - 9-26-2014 - 3 weeks ago
kyaaaaaaaa i got it expect gifs

Link - 9-23-2014 - 4 weeks ago
key shinee shinee key 24th birthday birthday spam! some of my favorite pictures