♥ The name is Jessica.
    ♥ I'm 22. May 14th. 92 line.
    ♥ I used PS CS4&CS6.
    ♥ I make all my themes.
    ♥ OTP : Onkey/Jinkibum.
    ♥ Super busy with school.


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    Let’s Count the Stars…

    Word Count: 281
    Paring: You/Any Any/Any
    Rating: G? PG? G-ish
    Genre: Beware of the kyaness

    It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Here’s a super short short short one-shot. Goes for any member with anyone (you, another person, etc).

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Link - 9-2-2014 - 9 hours ago
key onew minho jonghyun taemin shinee fanfic oneshote fic fan fic shinee shinee key

    ilikeandheartsyou ~ Key’s Calendar ~ September
    Link for 1600x900 : http://i61.tinypic.com/biw8qq.jpg

    (dimensions are in the captions. if you want/need a different size, feel free to ask)

Link - 9-1-2014 - 1 day ago
shinee key shinee key september calendar 2014 birthday wallpaper


    finally no more first days~

    yay. this japanese teacher seems nice. 

Link - 8-29-2014 - 3 days ago
just ignore this

    I wanted to inform you all (that use my themes), I am redoing all the old themes to update them to the newer style sheet. I’ve redone theme seven and I’ll be updating the preview page for theme four.

    They are a little more detailed and errors are being removed from the old themes. :)

Link - 8-28-2014 - 4 days ago
themes update

    I’m off to my first class…I’ll probably have a ton of free time in between classes today. Maybe I’ll post some new edits to pass the time.

Link - 8-25-2014 - 1 week ago

    Today is my last day of freedom.
    You can check out or follow my newly created personal tumblr here alifetimeisntlongenough for updates for randomness.

    Wish me luck. I’m pretty worried, but not as much as I usually am.

Link - 8-24-2014 - 1 week ago
just ignore this

    250x250 icons/avatars for use~ so they don’t look awkwardly resized on twitter/tumblr/etc.

Link - 8-23-2014 - 1 week ago
oopsy forgot to post these icons key shinee key avatar sorry to interrupt all the thirst in the key tag. yes i said it how many of you are disappointed he didn't wear a white shirt 250x250

    School hasn’t even started and I got an email from one of my teachers. I’m going to die. Goodbye, I’ll miss you all.

    Tears of dispair.

Link - 8-22-2014 - 1 week ago
school japanese class doesn't have many students math is three days a week me just ignore this

Link - 8-14-2014 - 2 weeks ago
shinee key shinee key

Link - 8-14-2014 - 2 weeks ago
shinee key shinee key